Flexible Automation for Smart Warehouses

AFG's ICUBE Storage System allows to perform all possible operations with pallets, using just one 3D-Carrier of Logiqs. The advanced Warehouse Management Software (WMS) do the inventory management and position administration, automatically. It can be implemented in pre-existing warehouses, or in buildings to be built.
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High availability and Adaptability

The ICUBE can be equipped with just one 3D-Carrier. If it is needed, new Carriers can be added.  All of them can operate together, because they are automatically controlled by the Warehouse Management Software.

Increase Health and Safety with Icube Storage System

One of the main features of the ICUBE Storage System is the remarkable increase in safety, when compared to other traditional storage methods, even those that use large cranes and other heavy-duty tools.

Make the most of available space

The 3D-Carrier, the elevator and tracks are compact, and have minimal impact on the total storage capacity of the warehouse. Futhermore, the Management Software allows any strategy of picking, thus making it possible full use of  the available space.

  • It is possible to add AGVs or Forklifts that move the pallets of merchandise from the loading/unloading bay to the area of storage.

Warehouse Managment System (WMS)

AFG's ICUBE Storage System is managed by Warehouse Management Software. This piece of software is
in charge of automatically ordering all the component movements, the use of avaible space, and the
warehouse inventory. The WMS allows the human operator on duty to config the storage strategy that offers the best results for each individual position in the system,
as well as assign priorities to the income or the exit of pallets or
to picking operations.

Brilliant Design: Simple and Ingenious

Using only 3D-Carriers that move between the different areas of the ICUBE, we achieve a logical, bright and simple design. Given this modular design approach, the latest generation of the ICUBE is ready to go from day one and it is by far the most flexible automation system on the market. It can be built by
stages and increased in successive extensions.

Smart Warehouse: Focus And Design

  • Our focus is on product development
  • Continous improvement
  • We hear our clients experience y know-how
  • More efficient logistics solution
  • Cost reduction per product

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