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New product: Smart Warehouses

We offer a complete range of automatic solutions for the entry, storage and retrival operations of palletized products.

Specialists in Conveyor Systems

We integrate different technological solutions to transfer standardized products that must pass sequentially through the different stages of a production process.

Wide experience in Robotic Cells

We design and build complete systems, which are used for different tasks, such as the operation with materials (welding), or picking, packaging, or palletizing.

We integrate technology to your business

We are a company dedicated to the development of special solutions for the industry. We want concepts such as interconnectivity, automation, intralogistics and real-time data to be integrated into your business

We were born in Rosario in 2004 and we currently have more than 130 collaborators who dedicate themselves daily to integrating different disciplines with the necessary passion so that our solutions are special from design to start-up.

Regional Sales Representative

Some of our customers

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina | comercial@afgingenieria.com.ar | 0810-345-0518